without wine, spring is meaningless

there was a large rug in our house bordered with these funny phrases when i was young.
this intaglio print takes on the form of Persian miniatures for that reason.

"without wine, spring is meaningless"


thanks UT

funny surprise




BASED ON: a collection of selected works at The Mom Gallery

thanks Glasstire: http://glasstire.com/2016/03/24/top-five-march-24-2016/

designed this risograph wallpaper installation with Kendall
ft. my Transplanting video, too (https://vimeo.com/140896411)


young bloods with CSP

now that i'm a Center Space Project officer i was a part of putting up this show !



you are my liver

big lithograph


This originated from a reoccurring childhood memory of my grandmother that is carried out to this day. As she only speaks Farsi, almost everything she's ever said has had to be translated to me. She would always say "you are my liver," meaning "you are my life/I cannot live without you." Not only was this phrase funny to me but it was always funny to think I feel completely connected to her even though we've never "spoken" -  that I can still be in touch with my family, roots, heritage on a very intimate level despite not knowing Farsi or being "fully" Persian or being Persian "enough." I have struggled to situate and understand my place in my family and myself as an Iranian-American woman. 

Aesthetically, the piece employs the same repeated letter technique used when learning a language on a fundamental, elementary level. Each letter of the Farsi alphabet is contained in an organic shape similar to bodily, liver-like parts all composing one unit. The patterned rectangular shape and intricacy also remind me of the Persian rugs in my house I grew up around.



installation at Locker 95
my noses & mirror with Dana's plush cosmetics

here are the noses in my shower

Noses are red
Eyeshadow's blue
Maintenance for me
Commercial for you


falling teeth in a growing house

i've been having more dreams of my teeth falling out or getting chipped and dangling from my mouth...

these dreams have both positive and negative connotations: renewal and rebirth, compromising life changes, insecurities of a personal loss, fear of becoming older or less productive, and a wish or need to nurture yourself and be nurtured concerning freud and jung theory

so, i decided to be productive and try to materialize these haunting reoccurring images in the style of Persian miniatures and manuscripts



kendall has scoliosis and poles in her back
i have a gnarly knee that might be early signs of rheumatoid arthritis

so here's a video of us trying to work out and use maya and green screen all at the same time


persiapom revisted

although I have been rejected a patent, I have revived the persiapom into prints
t-shirts are being made as well
you can get one (!)


growing pains

Alongside the idea of "youth" and growing into one's self, I'm working on an animation that relates to some aspects of myself and my culture, as an Iranian-American. Although these struggles are personal and have not yet been fully realized, I am presenting them in a whimsical way, similar to how I view them and myself now. I am taking "growing" quite literally and intimately to expose both the desirable and undesirable to better understand how I can situate and understand myself.


young bloods

new print from a memory i had in marfa with some of my best buddies



gross finds from your local grocery

8 runs later. chromatophores are a weird cool thing

hopefully i'll have learned how to avoid burning holes and leaving ink to dry in my screen by next time


i'm beginning to think i like documentation over product


old figures

found these from 2 years ago
still like red and black

some are real sassy

line can tell the whole story sometimes


EGG girl 2.0

i had a dream all my teeth chipped and fell out and this is about that
and college
and other things

on the other hand, working on manipulating drawings

arm is getting closer!