Hello all!

I am Haley Parsa, a senior at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. I'm starting this blog at the beginning of my last year in the hopes of seeing and showing my progression as an artist. Who knows where I'll end up.

To start off :: -- Primarily through painting and drawing, my work deals with the movement, identity and deconstruction of the figure. Using a limited palette and swift mark making, I carve out each individual form in a painterly way, creating tension and unraveling these polished and refined figures. Playing on repetition and erasures, I have progressed from tightly rendered drawings to capturing the actual essence or solid form of each figure to a combination of the two. I focus on the duality of perception: to capture both time and truth in a single image. Uncertainty is a quality I have, and I find much of myself in the equivocating figures I draw.--

So feel free to hang 'round.